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Nature has gotten so damn competitive these days.
Thursday, 22 October 2015 20:31

If TV Shows Mated (20 PICTURES)

Humans have become obsessed with combining everything these days. It started with with combining all of our favorite foods (not…
It is truly one of the most inspirational stories in sports history next to the story about a Los Angeles…
Thursday, 22 October 2015 14:38

How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse (VIDEO)

Thanks to the internet, worrying about the zombie apocalypse is a thing of the past.
Thursday, 22 October 2015 14:00

It's Time For More Thursday TV Freeze Frames

This week's Thursday TV Freeze Frames include the dirtiest local news caption ever, a Star Wars…
Thursday, 22 October 2015 00:00

It's Time For Your Thursday Morning Photo Orgy

Today you'll see the greatest arguement yet for conserving energy, the world's scariest pumpkin carving and…
Wednesday, 21 October 2015 21:54

Disney Reacts To Force Awakens Trailer

Watch Disney characters experience the real happiest movie trailer place on earth as they react to the new official Star…
Wednesday, 21 October 2015 18:53

Happy National Time Cop Day!

With all due respect to Back to the Future day, we wouldn't be serving our country as movie watching citizens,…
Also known as a case of the "that's what she saids."
Wednesday, 21 October 2015 00:00

Why Marriage Is A Scam (VIDEO)

The good news is true love only costs about $31,500 on average these days.