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It's never bad to go "Full Jim Nantz."
It's yet another one of your typical "First World Frenchy Problems."
When you get home tonight remember that you're only six minutes away from making some bad decisions.
The Avengers may have superpowers, but they simply don't have super communication skills.
Today you'll see a googly-eyed cat, the perfect Barney Stinson vanity plate and the all-American strip…
Today we pay our respects to the FHM's 2015 Sexiest Woman Alive. Michelle is incredibly beautiful…
As the Baltimore appear to have ended, the internet continues to respond in the only way…
Some people wait a lifetime for a brain fart like this.
Tuesday, 28 April 2015 00:00

Sid The Dog Loves Food (VIDEO)

Well, technically he doesn't love eating food... just holding it in his mouth.
Today you'll see Lil' Jon become biblical, a wedding selfie stick and penguin birthday cake.