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Thanks to the mighty Stephen Colbert, Star Wars fans lives are officially not ruined forever anymore.
Tuesday, 02 December 2014 20:30

Around The Interweb - Tuesday, December 2nd

Today's Around The Interweb includes: The 12 most thrilling buzzer beaters of all time, Testing 16 Holiday Life Hacks, and…
Let's be honest Hollywood, enough with the ape movies already.
Tuesday, 02 December 2014 00:00

It's Time For Your Tuesday Morning Photo Orgy

Today you'll see the effects of hot-tubbing in the cold, the Coke nativity scene and the photo definition of adding…
Kinda makes you wish Justin's dead had left him in an abandoned field ten years ago and never come back.
Irn-Bru may be sugar-free but their ads have a whole lot of sugar.
Monday, 01 December 2014 17:25

How To Remove Your Movember Mustache (VIDEO)

I mean come on, were you simply going to shave it off with a razor like a sissy girl?
Just your typical "spice of life" fact about human beings and food.
Monday, 01 December 2014 15:53

Barry The Pug Takes A Bath (VIDEO)

There's absolutely no shame in wasting 3 minutes of your Monday watching a pug take a bath at work.
This weeks Monday Memes include Scumbag Brain describes the funny part of a movie, the Most Interesting Man in the…