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Thursday, 23 May 2013 15:00

We Eat Lunch Daily: The PB&J Burrito

Today the Pour Gourmet shows you how to make what is technically known as "The Honky Burrito" here in 'Murica.
Gaylord Focker approves this message.
That's right kids, now you can start every new relationship comfortably for the rest of your life for only $14.95.
This is what you should do the next time someone asks you to "Facebook" them... for a better America.
Oh thank heaven for 7-11. No seriously, those jalapeno cream cheese taquitos are clearly a gift from God.
This weeks Thursday TV Freeze Frames include a meat theif on the loose, how to properly explain hickeys to people…
Because the best part about being 22 is you don't care that Taylor Swift just released a new song.
Today you'll see toast race a banana, some fire-breathing dogs and find out what Monday looks like in human form.
Basically Ryan is saying that there's a movie party in his pants and he's always invited.
Wednesday, 22 May 2013 20:58

Ruff McThicktridge Is The Man (VIDEO)

Armed with Honey Mustard Ruffles and a bomb-defusing sloth, Ruff McThickridge might be the most unstoppable force this planet has…