Because friends don't let friends watch HBO with their parents.
Monday, 21 April 2014 17:08

Today's Uber Fact: "Meet Mr. Invincible"

Croatia's Frane Selak is a real life superhero and living proof that good things can happen to people who tend…
This is why you should only trust people who like big butts because they cannot lie.
It's absolute night club dancing pandemonium, brother!
This weeks Monday Memes include Philosoraptor living the dream, the Annoying Facebook Girl gets a new boyfriend and the First…
Monday, 21 April 2014 14:29

Raining Food (VIDEO)

Basically it's the poor people version of "making it rain."
Today you'll see the funny side of salads, a super selfie and the best tip a pizza delivery guy ever…
Call me crazy but I have a feeling Taco Bell is behind this.
English... it hits you hard sometimes, bro.
Let's be honest, we'd go completely insane too if we spent our entire life no genitalia.

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