If Every Celebrity Looked Like Ron Swanson (GALLERY)

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 13:15
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The series finale of Parks & Recreation airs tonight and it's our opinion that if everyone was Ron Swanson (also known as "Swanson-ing") and followed the Swanson "Pyramid of Greatness," the world wouldn't be in the shape it's in today. We would also be free to fart freely in our own cars and isn't that what we're all truly fighintg for at the end of the day.

jay z swanson


ben affleck swanson


Emma Swanson


Conan OBrien Swanson


Miley Cyrus Swanson


everyone was ron swanson


nicolas cage swanson


Ellen Swanson


ron swanson photoshops


royal swansons


stephen colbert swanson


ryan gosling swanson


celebrity photoshop swanson


jennifer lawrence swanson


ron swanson memes


jimmy fallon swanson


ron swanson funny photoshops


Neil Degrasse Swanson


ron swanson everyone


justin timberlake swanson


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