Star Trek Recast: If Other Celebrities Were Star Trek Characters

Thursday, 16 May 2013 15:07
Posted by

Would the world be a better place if Nicolas Cage was Captain Kirk in Star Trek. Man, honestly that's a tough one.

morgan freeman star trek


kevin spacey star trek


nicolas cage star trek


samuel jackson star trek


olivia wilde star trek


jack nicholson star trek


pierce prosnan star trek


elvis star trek


angelina jolie spock


house spock


taylor swift star trek


vin diesel star trek


kate upton vulcan


star trek photoshop


conan obrien spock


daniel craig star trek


celebrities as star trek characters


sting star trek


megan fox spock


rachel mccadams star trek


star trek recast


mr bean spock


scarlett johansson star trek


obama spock


alf star trek



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