The 25 Greatest Vintage Sports Games Ever

Tuesday, 15 January 2013 18:13
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Before the age of sports video games and kids screaming at each other on headsets, children of all ages used to scream at each other live and in person while they played sports board games or their favorite sport on hand-held eletronic devices. Personally I kinda like the old way better because you  and your friends could beat up the cheaters when your parents weren't watching.

Rocky: The Board Game - It had all the excitment of Rocky Balboa boxing match without all weird moaning noises and fake punching.

rocky board game


Arnold Palmer's Indoor Golf Course - It was a staple of my grandparents basement when I was a child and tried playng it with minimal succes on many occasions. All I can say is before you start swining away with mini-Arnold on a stick, I highly reccomend drinking a couple Arnold Palmers... with vodka.  

arnold palmer indoor golf game


Wayne Gretzky's All-Star Hockey - The slider hockey player game era was one of the greatest in sports board game history and it made foosball seem like a game for Quakers.

wayne gretzky all star hockey


Coleco Head-to-Head Baseball - This Coleco classic also came in basketball, boxing and hockey. It was easily one of the easiest ways to start a road trip fight in the back of a station wagon in the 80's.

coleco head to head baseball


Electronic Vibrating Football - Spend 30 minutes setting up the players, turn on the electricity and watch them all fall down. It was a great way to kill five hours back in the 50's.

electronic vibrating football


Mickey Mantle's Big League Baseball - Gardner games captured all of the magic of seeing Mickey Mantle play baseball in this magical spin the wheel board game that was almost as much fun as spending a night with The Mick in NYC.

mickey mantles big league baseball


mickey mantle game inside


The Harlem Globetrotter's Board Game - Washington Generals not included. Okay fine, they were and just as sad in the board game version.

harlem globetrotters board game


Wonderful Waterful Basketball - If you were a kid in the late 70's or early 80's looking to master the art of underwater basketball, then WWB was your jam. I have actually also played this game and it only took an average of 15 minutes to make a shot.

water basketball


Roger Staubach's Monday Night Football - Part electronic, part board game... or was it bored game?

roger staubach monday night football game board


Gotham Push Button Baseball - Before Batman arrived, the kids of Gotham in the 50's were blown away by the world's first push button baseball game. The bat only worked half the time, so you got to spend the other half punching your brother in the arm.

gotham pysh button baseball game cover

gotham push button baseball game


Electronic Pocket Football by Tiger - This game took care of road trips during my formidable middle school years, back when I used to dream about a future where cars had built-in televisions.

electronic football tiger




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