Watch a Walter White bobble head take a trip to that big blue meth lab in the sky.  
Today's Around The Interweb includes: Actors Who Auditioned So Well That Television Roles Were Changed To Suit Them, Drunk Charlie Sheen At…
I don't know what the internet is going to do with itself once the "8 Days of Weird Al" are…
Friday, 18 July 2014 15:00

It's Time For More Friday Foodgasms

This week's Friday Foodgasms include bacon-wrapped asparagus cheese, an entire loaf of cinnamon roll and a dessert taco. 
If you grew up loving The Simpsons, here are 50 quotes you may remember from episodes that made your parents…
Friday, 18 July 2014 15:00

Jean-Claude Van Dance (VIDEO)

It's basically Time Cop meets Double Impact meets Bring It On 2.
Warning: many beautiful female hearts were broken in the making of this video.
Today you'll see why it's tough getting a job, an extremely NSFW photo and the greatest idea for a Super…
Is it wrong that all I secretly want in life these days is Emma Watson and some spaghetti?
Friday, 18 July 2014 00:00

Tom Hanks On Voice Acting (VIDEO)

It ain't easy having to be "Woody" all the time.