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Monday, 28 November 2011 01:21

2 Defenders 1 Block

And you know what the worst part is, HE NEVER LEARNED TO READ!!!
Monday, 28 November 2011 01:13

Happy Umm... Holidays?

It's always tragic when your wife ends up looking like Satan's mother.
Monday, 28 November 2011 01:09

Jerome Simpson Masters The Art Of The Flop

He clearly graduated "Summa Cum Laude" at the Bill Laimbeer Academy of the Flopping Arts.
Monday, 28 November 2011 01:06

Face-Off Fight!!!

Meanwhile in Finland...
Monday, 28 November 2011 00:02

Talk About Unsportsmanlike Conduct

When nature calls Chargers kicker Nick Novak, he answers immediately.
Sunday, 27 November 2011 23:52

The Funniest "Thanks, Management" Notes

At least they're cordial enough to say, "thanks."
Sunday, 27 November 2011 23:42

Touchdown Celebration Gone Wrong

Or as Marv Albert would say, "serves up the cameraman facial!"
Sunday, 27 November 2011 23:38

Britney Spears Loves To Eat Skeet

Sometimes getting lost in translation can be a good thing.
Sunday, 27 November 2011 23:12

Animals Have Bad Hair Days Too

This is why bald eagles have it made in the shade.
Sunday, 27 November 2011 23:09

Wayne's World Begins

Baby time, excellent!