Around the Interweb - Monday, July 2nd

Monday, 02 July 2012 18:48
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Today's Around The Interweb includes: bulldogs playing tetherball, Spiderman's less impressive superpower, and a preview of 007 Legends!

Heavy1 Kyle, The Most Awkward Interviewer Ever

daily what Bulldogs Play Tetherball

tosh How was the dance?

linkiest The 7 Best Powers of Masters of the Universe Characters

MaximLogo Preview: 007 Legends

bro buzz Shoenice Eats a Jar of Vegemite in 2 Minutes

SI The Legendary Tales of a Kid Called Hambone

viral viral videos logo Prankster Poses With Unsuspecting Tourists

unreality Jaws vs. Jaws

mask The "Are You Crazy?" Supercut

tasefully offensive logo Spider-Man's Less Impressive Superpower

double 5 Exotic Meats You Can Grill Tonight

cage 11 GIFs of Cung Le Being Awesome

guyism logo Your 30 favorite women of June

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